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Anantesvara of the Agamic Order Anantesvara of the Agamic Order
The Lordship of Anantesvara has been explained against the concept of Shadadhva, one of the most important key concepts of Saiva Siddhanta, which conc…
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Thirukuda nanneerattu vizha malar Thirukuda nanneerattu vizha malar
This is a souvenir issued on the auspicious day of the consecration (Thirukuda nanneerattu vizha malar) function. This contains about the Arulmigu Sak…
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Marudhavana Puranam Marudhavana Puranam
Thiruvidaimarudur Arulmigu Mahalingasway Thirukkoil belongs to Thirukkailaya Parambarai Thiruvavaduthurai Adheenam. It is famous for Moorthy, Sthalam,…
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ManickaVasagar Pottri-P Panuvalkal ManickaVasagar Pottri-P Panuvalkal
This collection of the references made in the Thalapuranams of Tamilnadu temples. About the saint Manikkavasagar the creator of Thiruvasagam.…
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Saivakala Viveham Saivakala Viveham
Saivakala Viveham was written by Nigama Gnana Sivachariyar in Sanskrit. It mainly deals with the auspicious time factor for the construction and funct…
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Siddhantha Pada Vilakkam Siddhantha Pada Vilakkam
People who have proficiency in Sanskrit could understand the Agamas, which are in Sanskrit. Those who know Tamil only can have benefit from the Tamil …
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Pantara Saathirankal Pantara Saathirankal
This book is compilation of the research papers on the Pantara Saathirankal.…
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Arulthiru Ampalavana Desikar Aruliya Pantara Saathirankal Arulthiru Ampalavana Desikar Aruliya Pantara Saathirankal
This book is compilation of the research papers on the done Pantara Saathirankal presented by the Arulthiru Ambalavana Thesigar who is the direct deci…
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Devaram - Second Thirumurai Devaram - Second Thirumurai
Saiva world is blessed with twelve volumes of sacred hymns, composed by Saiva saints. They are termed as Panniru Thirumurai. Thirungana sambanthar at …
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ThiruMantraKaruthu ThiruMantraKaruthu
Saivism constitute a Saiva can on and hymnal in which can be found all forms of spiritual expression from the advaitic principles and self - realizati…
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